Nov. 30, 2022

5 Daily Mistakes That Are Making Your Life Harder

5 Daily Mistakes That Are Making Your Life Harder
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#151 - Today’s episode I talk about the 5 Daily Mistakes That Are Making Your Life Harder. Why would we consciously make our lives harder? It’s not that we intentionally do this, there are just some habits that many of us have that just make our daily lives more complicated. 

If you want to stop wasting time, making decisions you regret, overloading yourself, feeling stuck, not living in the present, and feeling exhausted, this is the episode of you. 

Here’s the list of those mistakes: 

  1. Winging it
  2. Not starting your day with silence
  3. Not expressing your feelings
  4. Not having cushions in your schedule
  5. Letting your head voice lead

Hope you enjoy this episode. Don’t forget to share it if you think this would help someone else!

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