Oct. 5, 2022

Adventures with The L.A. Mama - Vero Navarro

Adventures with The L.A. Mama - Vero Navarro

#136 - In today’s episode, I’m joined by my good friend and real life comadre, Veronica (Vero) Navarro - The L.A. Mama! Vero is an L.A. mom of three. She’s a former teacher/school administrator who started her own business making her real life her work through content creation. She takes her audience along with her to discover new places and showing them how they can do it too!

“I still miss teaching but I also get to be creative and use everything that I’ve learned in the past in a totally different way...” - Vero

We take a walk down memory lane and have a fun conversation about motherhood and finding the right fit for your life based on your season of life. 

Connect with Vero - The L.A. Mama:
Blog: www.thelamama.com 

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Podcast Website: www.organizedchaospodcast.com 

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