March 22, 2023

Conscious Parenting and It's Amazing Benefits with Nina Cruz

Conscious Parenting and It's Amazing Benefits with Nina Cruz
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#181 - What is Conscious Parenting? That's what our special guest is here to answer! In this episode, we go deep into what this parenting style is with expert Nina Cruz. 

Nina is a certified conscious parent coach/social worker whose mission is to support parents in building healthy connections with their children. She does this through teaching them conscious parenting, where they heal their own childhood wounds so they can consciously raise empowered children.

She describes how when a parent’s inner world shifts, their outer world changes, transforming the parent–child dynamic from chaos to control to worth and connection.

Some topics that are covered in this episode: 

  • What are the benefits of conscious parenting? 
  • How do we hold space for our children? 
  • Why do we always feel guilty/not enough as a parent?
  • What are the parenting myths?
  • How can frazzled parents move from surviving to thriving?

This is such an interesting topic and one that when explored further can open so many opportunities for improving our relationships with our kids and ourselves.

Hope you enjoy this episode!

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