April 5, 2023

Efficiency for Mompreneurs: Productivity Hacks for Busy Women

Efficiency for Mompreneurs: Productivity Hacks for Busy Women
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#185 - This episode is for mompreneurs who find it hard to juggle multiple responsibilities. The pressures of managing a family and a business can be too much sometimes, but I have some productivity hacks that can help. It's not about doing it all, but finding what's most important and doing that efficiently. 

In this episode I share: 

  • Time management tips
  • Prioritizing tasks and creating a daily schedule helps direct focus to a few areas
  • Delegation and outsourcing to free up time
  • Streamlining your home life
  • And more

Mentioned in the show:
Getting Focused Workbook - Productivity
Dubsado - Business CRM
Reverse Coloring Book - Mindfulness 

Thanks for listening! 

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