April 12, 2023

Making Money from Home as a Mom: Tips, Strategies & Examples

Making Money from Home as a Mom: Tips, Strategies & Examples
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#187 - If you've thought about creating extra income or expanding your business from home but don't know how or if it's a good idea, this episode is for you. We explore strategies for identifying your skills and interests, finding legitimate work-from-home jobs, starting a home-based business, managing your time effectively, while managing work and family life.

In this episode I talk about: 

  • Identifying your Skills and Interests: Determine your skills and interests to leverage them for making money. I also give examples of work-from-home opportunities that align with different skills and interests.
  • Finding Work-from-Home Jobs: Learn strategies for finding legitimate work-from-home jobs while avoiding scams.
  • Starting a Home-Based Business: We explore ideas for starting a home-based business and the steps to take to get your business up and running.
  • Time Management and Productivity Tips: Because this episode wouldn't be complete without tips for managing your time effectively when working from home, and strategies for increasing productivity.

As mentioned in this episode: 

7 Examples of Work-From-Home Gigs 

  1. Virtual Assistant 
  2. Freelance Writing 
  3. Online Tutoring 
  4. Social Media Manager 
  5. Graphic Design 
  6. Etsy Shop Owner
  7. Affiliate Marketing

Productivity Workbook

I hope you enjoy this topic!

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