Sept. 14, 2022

Present + Productive w/ Megan Moran

Present + Productive w/ Megan Moran
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#130 - Today’s guest is Megan Moran from the Mompreneur Guide and she talks about how to be Present + Productive. 

Megan is not only a mom to two beautiful toddlers (Jack + Sophia) and a wife to the most supportive husband + business partner ever, Collin, but she is also the owner of The Mompreneur Guide. As a Podcast, Mastermind and Retreat Host + Authority-Building Guide, Megan is on a mission to help mompreneurs connect with themselves, their community and increase their visibility so they can create movements while also being present + productive. Because as a third generation mompreneur- Megan is proof that it's possible.

What we chat about: 

  • Megan’s experience growing up with entrepreneur parents
  • What it means to be present and productive

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