Feb. 8, 2023

Streamlining Your Business for Growth and Balance with Anne Hill

Streamlining Your Business for Growth and Balance with Anne Hill

#170 - If you're a solopreneur, how do you streamline your business for growth? That's what our guest Anne Hill shares in this episode.  

Anne has had the desire to help others for as long as she can remember. She spent over 15 years in the physical therapy field, where she thrived at managing the operations side of the business.  She then created Hilltop Operations and Consulting, an agency dedicated to streamlining the way companies run.  

She’s a certified Director of Operations and Pumpkin Plan Strategist, allowing her the perfect way to match her expertise with the services clients need. After working with Anne, businesses save time, money, and frustration by having efficient processes and A+ team members on board, and solid profit margins in their business.

In this episode, we talk about:
- The biggest struggle when it comes to streamlining your business
- What you do next when you have so many ideas
- How you can grow your business in a way that still allows you to have balance in your personal life, too.
- And more!

Hope you enjoy this episode!

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