Dec. 7, 2022

That Sucked, Now What? with Dr. Neeta Bhushan

That Sucked, Now What? with Dr. Neeta Bhushan
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#153 - When life takes you by surprise, it's hard to move forward. In today's episode, I'm joined by Dr. Neeta Bhushan, an expert at helping others thrive through life's most difficult moments.

As co-founder of the Global Grit Institute, a mental health training platform for leaders and coaches, co-founder of the Dharma Coaching Institute, training thousands to live their best lives, and a thriving coach in her own right, Neeta Bhushan has helped thousands of people move past their heartbreaks, failures, and disappointments. And after years of research into human behavior, observing people in their worst and best moments, being a mother of two small children, and failing more than a few times herself, Neeta knows what it takes to get back up no matter who bowled you over. Her new book, That Sucked, Now What? is a real-talk guide to personal growth that draws on and embraces the suck–and helps you break through to lasting, audacious resilience.

This episode will leave you so inspired! Hope you enjoy our discussion.

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